Washing a Wig
Posted on September 11, 2012

Washing a Wig
First, you have to be sure that there's no knots anywhere and that the wig is all brushed out. Start by letting water run through the hair until it's all soaked.

Using the Jacquelyn shampoo put a small amount in your hands. Lightly pat and massage it onto the hair. Don't rub it because strong rubbing can damage the wig, you may lightly brush the shampoo onto the hair in long gentle strokes but we recommend working the shampoo into the wig with your hands.Never use a comb on the top of the wig since the hair on top is hand knotted into the base and a comb can damage or pull out the hair.

Use the flow of water when washing out the shampoo, not a brush. Be patient because it will take a couple of minutes to wash the shampoo out.

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