How Do I Wash and Dry my Wig?

Generally, a wig should be washed after 12-15 wearings in spring and summer and after 6-8 wearings in fall or winter. Factors such as air quality and humidity will contribute to frequency of washing, as it does with your own hair. Always keep your own hair clean when wearing your wig to reduce washing frequency.

Before washing, brush straight styles gently but completely with a wire brush. Brush curly styles lightly with a vent brush or pick, keeping curls intact.

Add a cap of Jacquelyn's Wig Shampoo to basin of cool water (never use hot water). Immerse wig, dousing it gently, and allow to soak for 2 minutes. Rinse completely by swishing in clean, cool water. Gently squeeze excess water from wig. For high lustre and softness, apply hair conditioner. Leave on 5 minutes and rinse well, in cool water. Gently squeeze out excess water.

On curly styles, lightly finger squeeze curls while wig is still wet.

On all styles, gently towel blot wig to remove excess wetness. Place wig on a clean dry towel and allow to air dry naturally. Do NOT comb or brush a wet wig unless you are completely restyling it. Do NOT dry in direct sunlight. After wig is dry, shake out and style.

Always place dry wig on wig stand when not being worn.