What Makes Jacquelyn Wigs the Best?

Comfort-Wear Hair:
Wearing a wig for the first time is very much like trying anything new. Think of your wig as being a part of you, as adaptable as your own hair can be. Now, you are ready to realize that your wig is not a cover-up, but a fashion accessory with a style all your own. Our flexible capless construction in mesh lace is designed for exceptional comfort in a light, airy base. Some styles feature our skin top, with a thin base that easily molds to your head shape. Whichever style you choose, you'll soon realize that wearing one of our wigs is like developing a sixth sense. It was always there. You just didn't know how naturally comfortable and convenient it is until you began to use it.

Perfect Fit:
Comfort begins with a good fit. Because everyone's head has a shape unique to that person, every wig is detailed with Velcro tabs that can be easily adjusted to conform to your head. After the first washing, you may find a slight adjustment is needed. When fitting your wig, do not try to pull it beyond your natural hairline. Every wig has the Details hand-knotted hairline, featuring "new hair" growth that can be lightly teased and lifted with a teasing comb for a completely natural hairline.