How Do I Choose the Best Color?

Being a part of fashion, color is always directed by prevailing trends as well as personal preferences. Our custom European colors are as natural as your own hair. Like human hair, these shades offer highlights that interact with the basic overall color impression, creating the perfect balance as nature intended.

Our new root colors are also an inspiration from nature. Whatever your natural color, you always see a slightly darker shade at the root area of the new hair growth and lighter tones at the ends. This is exactly the nature of our root colors, which are more like your own hair than ever before.

In selecting your perfect color, we offer these guidelines. First if you want a perfect match, it is always best to provide a swatch of your own hair. If you are interested in this level of color matching, please feel free to email us.

Generally, shades darker than your natural color will pale the face, and shades significantly lighter than your natural color tend to wash out your complexion. Remember, the goal is to achieve natural harmony between your complexion tone, hair color and eye color.

As you age, slightly lighter shades will lift your complexion and brighten your overall appearance. If your hair has a percentage of grey, you may wish to reduce the grey slightly within your color while not totally elimination a hint of grey. Don't these times over 40 can be fabulous!

Our selection of tones, highlights and root colors gives you beautiful color choices to match your own color, go slightly lighter or dare to wear a dramatically different shade.